Battle value
Battle value

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Twilight Imperium III Edition Battle Calculator

Add some units to the battle by using 'Count' columns for Attacker and Defender.

Boost or degrade unit strength with 'Battle value' column. Lesser values correspond to better hit chances.

Read the chart. Huge red and blue percent figures tell the probabilities of either side winning the battle.

Characters below the horizontal axis designate units participating in the battle. Small case letters indicate the use of sustain damage abilities.

WWar Sun - can always bombard but cannot win Invasion Combat without Ground Forces/Mechs
DDreadnought - cannot bombard without Invasion Combat (includes Ground Forces/Mech)
+Destroyer - anti-fighter barrage
GGround Force
MMech - immune to PDS/bombardment
=Battle ending in draw

Graph shows probabilities of battle outcomes. '=' represents a draw outcome. Any other point represents an outcome in which units between this point and '=' sign survive. Tooltips show probabilities that at least that many units will survive the battle.

Battle type – 'Invasion Combat' or 'Space Battle' – can be changed at the top of the page.

Options allow calculator to take into account technologies, Mentak racial ability, and using 'Morale Boost' action card for the first round of the battle. Note that 'Automated Defence Turret' doesn't add +2 to Destroyers attack rolls, just adds 1 additional die to Barrage rolls. All attack modifiers should be set manually.

Units are ordered in what I consider reasonable sequence of dying. I was lazy to implement manual ordering.

Pre-battle actions order is:

  1. Mentak racial ability
  2. Assault Cannon
  3. Anti-Fighter Barrage

I've chosen it based on some whimsy speculations, and again, was lazy to implement manual reordering.

Code and some more info can be found on bitbucket.

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Any suggestions and bug reports are welcome at gmail: ivan.bachtin